Welcome to this site, my name is John Garza, not to be mistaken for the bass player or the congressman or any one else by that name. Here you will find ramblings of my thoughts and the history of my life as well as my recent doings. If you are a friend of mine a special welcome to you.

I am a Father, musician, computer geek, collector, and love ancient history and things that have to do with antiquity. I am also an avid gamer. I hope you enjoy the things you find here, stay as long as you like. Once again welcome!

The Other Websites


Colorado Free Radio Group

CFRG is the umbrella group for my internet Radio Stations and YouTube Channels. Created to bring all of my internet media work to one place.

Colorado Free Radio

An independent internet radio station featuring music from all over the world in many genres. Founded in 2004 and on the air since 2005 CFR was inspired by the now defunct Whole Wheat Radio.

Old Time Radio CFR

OTRCFR has become the most popular radio station of the two. Boasting the largest online playlist of Old Time Radio Shows, Newscasts, Commercials and Historical Broadcasts on the internet. It's listenership has more than tripled in the past year.

John Garza Photography

This is my Photography Gallery. For many years I have been a closet photographer and spent more time recently doing just that. I created the gallery to share my work. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did taking the photos.

Colorado Gamers

I have been a video gamer since the days of Pong (ouch). I have watched the games develop over the years and with it my computer skills and knowledge has grown with it. Colorado Gamers is a gaming site created by me to share with other gamers not just from Colorado but other places as well. Membership, however is only for Gamers from Colorado.

Elephant Angel

Although I have always been a Musician/Singer electric or acoustic over the years, one thing I have always been but never shared publicly was an Electronic Musician, with the advent of computer software and midi equipment I created a virtual band. Elephant Angel is that band.

The Musician, The Actor!

Since childhood John has been a singer, musician, and songwriter (having written his first song at 13) performing in many venues from clubs to concerts, TV to radio.

At the same time, John began a career in acting at a very young age. Performing in productions in Children's Theatre in shows like Babes in Toyland and Cinderella. Over the years John's involvement in both arts has paralleled each other up to the present.

For more about John's career in acting and music please go HERE.

The B.F. Deal Sampler Vol 1

Visit the official BF Deal Sampler Vol1 website where you will find all the information on the making of the record and the people who were a part of that historical endeavor.

BF Deal Sampler Vol1